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Bacteria & Viruses Free Water on Your Wash Basinr

Under the counter water purifier for wash basin to remove bacteria and viruses


Bacteria & Viruses Free Water on Your Wash Basin

KENT Health+ The water which you get in washbasin, kitchen sink or bathroom for brushing your teeth is from overhead tank. This water may be infected with bacteria and other impurities. To stay safe from diseases, you need to install KENT Health Plus, a Next-Gen UF Water Purifier that can be installed under the bathroom sink, kitchen sink and washbasin. Protect your family from water borne diseases, install KENT Health plus.


KENT Health Plus uses UF Membrane Technology for removing bacteria from water used in Kitchen Sinks & Bathrooms. UF Membrane is ideal for particles that are 0.01 microns, proteins, pyrogens from water.

  • Works without electricity.
  • Output water is free from bacteria and viruses.
Note:- The expected life of UF membrane is more than 1 year*. *Under test condition
Best for Wash Basin & Kitchen sinks

The compact under-the-sink water purifier is ideal for installing under the wash basin or sink. As a result, you get purified water for brushing your teeth, washing your hands, fruits, and vegetables.

Low Pressure Drop

Kent Health Plus uses Works without electricity. The water purifier uses low applied pressure therefore it is sufficient to achieve high flux rate.


Product Code 11089
INSTALLATION Wall-mountable Under-the-sink
PRODUCT DIMENSION 270 (L) x 70 (W) x 70 (H)
MAX. WATER FLOW RATE 1.0L/min (Under standard testing conditions
FILTER MATERIAL Hollow Fiber UF Membrane (polysulfone)
**Flow-rate of purified water is dependent on inlet pressure

Brochures & Manuals

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