KENT Sterling+

An under-the-counter RO purifier that intelligently retains essential minerals


Double Purification

KENT Sterling+ uses a double purification process of RO+UV/UF with TDS controller that removes dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, chemicals bacteria, viruses and salts to make water safe for use.

Compact Design

The water purifier comes with a single cabinet design, which makes it ideal for under-the-counter placement.

Mineral ROTM Technology

KENT Sterling+ helps in retaining the essential minerals in purified water with the help of KENT’s patented TDS Controller. This ensures that you get completely safe and tasty drinking water.

Inbuilt Hydrostatic Tank

The under-the-counter water purifier comes with an inbuilt hydrostatic tank of 6 liters. The high capacity storage tank ensures that you get continuous supply of pure water even in the absence of electricity.

Fully Automatic Operation

The water purifier has a fully automatic operation for the convenience of the users. The purifier automatically shuts off when the storage tank is full and restarts when the water level falls below maximum.

UV Fail Alarm

KENT Sterling+ comes with an inbuilt feature of audible alarm if the UV lamp disfunctions. As soon as the alarm goes off, switch off the appliance to stop the purification process. This feature ensures that you get continuous supply of pure water.


Product Code 11053
Applications - Suitable for Brackish/Tap/Municipal Corporation Water
Mounting Under the Counter
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min) 0.3 kg/cm2/10°
Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max) 4 kg/cm2/40°
Filter Cartridges Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF and Post Carbon
UV Lamp Wattage 11 W
Storage Capacity 6 litres
Power Consumption 60W
Input Power Supply Single Phase 100-250V, AC 50-60 Hz
**Flow-rate of purified water is dependent on inlet pressure

Brochures & Manuals

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