Gravity Based (Ultra Filtration) Technology

Current scenario of drinking water

The quality of drinking water is deteriorating day by day. Tap water is no longer safe for consumption as it is contaminated with more than acceptable levels of impurities. These impurities can be classified into suspended impurities and dissolved impurities. Suspended impurities include harmful micro-organisms like bacteria, viruses and cysts as well as dust, sand etc. Dissolved impurities include chemicals and salts of heavy metals which are soluble in water.

In areas where people generally do not rely on ground water, the primary issue is the presence of suspended impurities and harmful micro-organisms in water. Dissolved impurities in such areas are usually not an issue. Due to the ageing infrastructure of the municipal pipe lines network, municipal water often gets mixed with sewage and other biological impurities which contaminate the water with the presence of bacteria, viruses and cysts. The predominant cause of water borne diseases is related to cysts. Cysts are microscopic organisms commonly known as parasites that are responsible for a majority of water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, vomiting, jaundice, allergies and abdominal pains. Cysts are equally harmful as bacteria and viruses but are more difficult to remove/kill.

Fortunately there are many cost effective purification technologies that work without the use of electricity.


This is the easiest and commonly used technology for purifying drinking water. Boiling is effective in killing harmful micro-organisms; however it does not remove other suspended impurities like dust and sand. Moreover with rising prices of cooking gas this method of purification is no longer cost effective.

Purification via Filtration Media:

There are many filtration medias available in the market which provide basic levels of filtration. A cloth filter may be used for removing dust or sand and carbon filter may be used for removing foul smell, thereby improving the taste of water. However, these filtration medias are ineffective against all micro-organisms and are unable to filter/kill bacteria, viruses and cysts.

Chemical Disinfection (chlorine, bromine, iodine):

There are many purifiers available in the market which uses simple chemical disinfection technology by using chlorine, bromine or iodine as a disinfecting agent. In fact, the municipalities use the same technology for purification. When used in combination with other filtration medias like cloth and carbon this technology is effective in removing suspended impurities like dust and sand as well as harmful micro-organisms like bacteria & viruses.

However, this technology is absolutely ineffective against cysts which are a major cause of water borne diseases. Another major disadvantage of this technology is that the disinfection process may lead to creation of harmful chemicals known as disinfection bi-products (DBP) that are carcinogenic (cancer causing) in nature.

KENT is proud to present its patented and ground-breaking technology- Gravity based Ultra Filtration (UF). KENT has innovated a specially designed UF membrane that works under the force of gravity and at atmospheric pressure. This UF membrane has a pore size of 0.1 microns which is small enough to filter out bacteria as well as harmful micro-organisms like cysts. It is used in combination with fine Nylon filter which removes dust and sand as well as Carbon filter that is coated with nano-silver. This nano-silver coated carbon filter absorbs many organic impurities and dissolved gases in water. The nano silver coating is anti-microbial by nature and ensures that the carbon does not become a breeding ground for micro-organisms.

As a result, water purified by using KENT gravity based UF technology is purer than boiled water and safer than water purified by chemical disinfectants.

  Boiling Media Filtration Chemical Disnfection Gravity Based UF
Electricity/Energy Free
Dust, Sand, etc
Harmful Micro-organisms
Chemicals Free